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Sicily & Italy by Experts

Angela Macaluso & Giacomo Passalacqua
Luxury Travel and Event Designers

In 50 words or less, please share a quick description for your company.
Created by Angela & Giacomo, Sicily & Italy by Experts is a Luxury Destination Management Company (DMC) operating throughout Italy.
We are specialists in Unique, Exclusive and Bespoke Discoveries in Italy for Refined International Travelers.

How would you best describe your product type?
We are selling opportunities and experiences for creating moments and memories, things that cannot be Googled or found from the opinions of others. We create relationships with our travel advisors getting to know their clients and their travel style, so that you can craft a unique experience just for them.

What unique value proposition does your company offers to travelers?
The value of Sicily & Italy By Experts comes from the personal knowledge and the love of travel of its founders and employees. We are confident in our ability to meet the needs of customers because we know perfectly our destination and we focus on relational and experiential tourism. The competitive edge of Sicily & Italy By Experts is our  focus, passion, experience, private concierge service and in our superior product. We provide a differentiated offering with creative experiences and contacts with our local suppliers.

Our concern is not to maximize profits on any individual sale, but to satisfy the client. We are confident that doing so will reduce costs and increase profits in the long run. It is less expensive to maintain a relationship than it is to create a new one. Our aim is directed at Travel Advisors who want to sell the finest small group luxury tours and customized FIT itineraries in Italy.

What are the top benefits travel sellers stand to gain by working with your company?
By serving premium travel agencies around the world, we aim to be THE partner that surprises your clients who are used to traveling a lot by plunging them into the Italian sophistication, gastronomy, and culture in an original way!

Whether your clients come to Italy for the first time or whether they already know the country, if they’re passionate about culture, history, gastronomy or fashion, we will always create a trip that reflects who they are and we will create memories during their travel to Italy , because time is their most valuable asset.

What is new and exciting with your brand?
Our upscale concierge service making our travel advisors "the best".  We have  a luxury concierge service that provides 1 to 1 care to our clients  to make their holiday life easier. We assign a personal Concierge to all clients , who is the sole contact at all times from the arrival to the departure. From the most vague desire to the wildest dream, our Concierge always has a secret idea to realize their requests. He shares with them confidential and trendy locations in the most extravagant or hidden places. He points out the rarest events and can even imagine the scenario of your dreams. But most of all he's at disposal for clients giving them the day before, the program detailed with pick up time and what to see and do for the day after. A service "stress free".

What tools and/or resources does your company offer on an ongoing basis for travel sellers (ex: booking tools/technology, customer service, etc.)?
Our premium service is the PRIVATE AND CUSTOMIZED LUXURY CONCIERGE SERVICE we give to final clients when they arrive in Italy. 

What commission structures or awards does your company offer to travel sellers?
We give them our best net prices that are competitive but with HIGH standard services and for 2024 there is a NEW benefit: we will  reward the best travel advisors that will sell more, giving them a percentage of our commission on each booking.