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Sara Amadi

In 50 words or less, please share a quick description for your company.
A white label one-stop-shop DMC based in the USA and Europe, specialized in tailor made travel experiences to European destinations (Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, UK, Ireland). 
• Dedicated only to travel advisors. 
• Based in the US and Europe 
• FAST replies 
• 24/7 concierge service, the Travel Angel

How would you best describe your product type (ie destination, hotel, tour operator, etc.)?
Destination Management Company

What unique value proposition does your company offers to travelers?
A US and Europe based company for bespoke travel experiences in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia & the UK. Our mission is to make your individual or group travel arrangements hassle-free. 
- We only work with travel professionals 
- Highly competitive commissions 
- FAST replies to every request
- Our itineraries are presented with your contacts and logo 
- Payments accepted with any credit card (no additional fees) 
- European born travel specialists 
- On site 24/7 concierge by our TravelAngels

What are the top benefits travel sellers stand to gain by working with your company?
Here some reasons to work with us: 
1 - We are travel designers for travel advisors. Our team is fully dedicated to supporting the travel professional community. 
2 - We are a US and Europe based company. Offices in New York, NY, Chicago, IL and Europe​; to provide the best services in destinations like: Italy - France - Spain - Portugal - Greece - Slovenia - Croatia - Ireland and the UK 
3 - We have a sophisticated concierge service. You and your clients will benefit from a 24/7 dedicated assistance called the TravelAngel.

What is new and exciting with your brand?
Our unique Travel Angel service! 
With the travel advisor's consent, the TravelAngel will check on clients while travelling, to make sure that they are happy and we will do so on your behalf, representing the advisor and the travel agency. 
A week before the client’s trip they will get a call from the TravelAngel to make sure they have everything they need and to confirm they have their TravelAngel’s contacts. During their trip, the TravelAngel will be at the clients’ disposal 24/7 for anything they may need, from emergencies to tables reservations. Clients can use WhatsApp, emails, phone, and texting. With our new white labelled concierge service, travel advisors just got their own onsite representative in Europe... for free.

Tell us about a success story (and the WOW factors) when you worked with a travel seller.
98.6% of our Travel Advisor's clients would very likely recommend our services to others. 
Here one success story from a travel advisor: 
"This past weekend was the most challenging weekend of my entire career. The only reason I survived is because of Jenny, the Travel Angel. 
I have booked several clients with Alive this summer and have gotten rave reviews from all my clients about their experiences with their Travel Angels (Sara, Pietro, and Elena) It wasn’t until this weekend that I really got to experience Travel Angel service in person. 
I have a client traveling in Paris this weekend - the Wilson family. We had a serious breakdown in procedure in my office, which resulted in a VERY last-minute booking, and me making reservations in a hurry for some hard-to-get activities (Eiffel Tower summit access and the Catacombs) myself through Viator - SOMETHING I WILL NEVER DO AGAIN. 
Not only did Jenny answer every single question the client could throw at her, but she also jumped in and helped solve the challenges that I had created. She encouraged and supported me when I literally thought my head was going to explode. 
I’ve been a fan of aliveXperiences for a while, but my experience with Jenny this weekend has won you all my undying love and devotion. I am a lifelong fan."

What tools and/or resources does your company offer on an ongoing basis for travel sellers (ex: booking tools/technology, customer service, etc.)?
- Web-based itineraries. Starting from the first quote, your clients will get a document with only your agency logo and information in it. - FAST replies to every request. We know what the travel advisors need: accurate and complex quotes in no time to keep your clients engaged and amazing travel experiences to make them happy and eager to refer you to other potential clients.
- Travel designers and destination specialists dedicated to you in the US and Europe, at your disposal from 4 am to 7 pm EST 
- Online payments with any credit card and no additional charges. 
- Travel advisors can sign up for the Travel Advisor Referral Program to recommend aliveXperiences to other professionals like you and be rewarded with $300 cash when they book a trip!

What commission structures or awards does your company offer to travel sellers?
Our itineraries include 14% commissions for the travel advisor (flexible to add extra commissions if you need to with a deduction of 4% credit card fee on the extra). 
Travel advisors can also sign up for the Travel Advisor Referral Program to recommend aliveXperiences to other professionals like you and be rewarded with $300 cash when they book a trip!

Please share your company’s consortia affiliation(s):

Please share any of your company's accolades (ie recognitions, awards, etc.)
- French Awards Finalist company for sustainable travel
- The many referrals we received from our travel advisors 
- The many positive feedbacks that we regularly receive